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"Every surgeon carries about him a little cemetery, in which from time to time he goes to pray, a cemetery of bitterness and regret, of which he seeks the reason for certain of his failures". René Leriche 1951

Surgeons are challenged by the high cost of own mistakes. Our mission is to stop their cemetery's growth.

  • Surgera provides an immersive experience of performing diagnosis and surgery on real-like patients.
  • Surgera is a cloud-based platform that allows a seamless creation of educational content in VR and effectively delivers to students using common VR headsets and proprietary controllers.

We are improving the performance of academic institutions and medical centers with the power of virtual and augmented reality.

Learn about our platform proprietary technology and development progress. It's like Apollo 11 landing on the Moon in 1969. Watch the video.

What do we need now?

We Need YouWe Need You
  • If you are a medical practitioner or a representative of an educational center, we can demo you our technology.
  • If you represent a medical organization, we can demonstrate a path for effective integration of VR/AR into your practice.
  • If you are interested in VR/AR technologies (especially in healthcare), we can share our vision on VR in the educational or medical professions.
  • If you would like to pilot any educational VR products in your organization, please don`t hesitate to contact us!
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