Clinical Congress 2016. 17 Oct day result.

So, our first day at the 2016 Clinical Congress is over. We saw a lot of interesting things for medical professionals. High level equipment was presented at the exhibition, such as surgical tools, 4K displays and 3D screens, endoscopy devices and machines, electronic health cards etc. Some companies presented products that use Virtual Reality in their work, but they are mainly concentrated on laparoscopy. In our turn we’d like to use Virtual Reality for different kinds of operations. We have all chances to excel!


Among the high-tech companies manufacturers of various hardware and software simulators dominated. The main direction of their development is laparoscopic surgery.


Developments in the field of distant robot control are especially outstanding. These solutions provide an opportunity in the future to carry out transactions without the physical presence of the surgeon in the operating room. Just imagine: the surgeon can be in Washington, but the operation will take place in California! This is a wonderful future!

Unfortunately we could not find full solutions in the field of surgery in virtual reality. We do not know what has caused such a disregard for this promising idea.

Tomorrow we plan to conduct a survey of surgeons’ interest in our start-up. We will show them the video and invite to perform the surgery with our product. Stay tuned!

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