Clinical Congress 2016. 18-19 Oct days result.


We put on white smocks with our company’s name and lettering on back “Want to know more about VR in surgery? Ask me!”, and went to the exhibition section.  In two days we communicated with more than 70 surgeons. All respondents were impressed by our developments. They found our idea very interesting. It’s a surprising result, which we did not expect to achieve!

More than 30 specialists have expressed desire to join our startup as first users and help us to develop our product. Now we have a lot of work to establish a knowledge base for our followers.

From all the topics discussed, we have distinguished the most important:

  • The types of surgical procedures, which will be available in the first commercial version,
  • Light (personal) version of the product that will be available for use at home,
  • The types of tools that will be available in the first commercial version of the product,
  • The cost of the commercial and personal version of the product.

It’s a great result of our work on the Clinical Congress!

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