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Happy new year!


Congratulations, dear friends and colleagues!

We have done a lot of things for the development of virtual reality in surgery in 2016. And we intend to develop our product further in 2017. One of our main goals will be the first commercial sale of kits in the US medical clinics.

Now, it’s time to enjoy the holidays within the family!

New Year’s VR-Today

Vr Today

We took part in the final VR technologies event of the year 2016. On December 10, the representatives of the best software and hardware Russian developers gathered in Moscow. Sergey Yudovskiy made a report on the formation of the team and the international markets’ output stages of start-up. It was really interesting and a fun event!

Meet with TraceAir in 500Startups


A former resident of 500Startups represented by TraceAir company in the name of D. Korolev kindly took us to this truly magical place. Dmitry’s team successfully passed the acceleration and now is at the stage of powerful attraction of investments to scale its project. Trace Air Customers are construction companies. The problem that Trace Air solves is REAL control of work performed by contractors during the construction. Dmitri listened interestedly to our vision of Surgera development. In addition to the basic things that unite all startups, Dmitry advised concentrating on the potential customers searching and identifying their real needs.

Further product’s technical improvements should be made only after receipt of this information!

New York startup accelerator


At the invitation of Dmitry Karpov, we visited one of the most impressive startup accelerators in New York City – Starta Accelerator. This accelerator is focused on the teams from Eastern Europe. The main topic of discussion between us was the implementation of medical training in VR environment as the US standard of education.

This is a challenging and long path that we have to follow if we want VR not to be just an entertainment platform, but allow the full use of its capabilities in Universities and Schools.
Talking about entertainment, we got acquainted with an exciting project of creation theme park rides. Arsen told us in detail about his vision and theories of product development. We can not describe in full all the ideas, but we are sure that Universal Studios and Disneyland will knock at their door one day.

University of Pennsylvania tour


The University of Pennsylvania (commonly known as Penn or UPenn) is a private, Ivy League university located in Philadelphia. Incorporated as The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn is one of 14 founding members of the Association of American Universities and one of the nine original colonial colleges.

October 24 we visited The Pennsylvania State University to get acquainted with its startup infrastructure. Ecosystem created at the University allows to use IP and achieve its monetization effectively. Penn University is moving away from the model of IP’s direct sales to large companies. Up to date, the scheme in which the university itself creates startups seems more interesting. University invites CEO to run the startup. And CEO personally gets involved in the development of a prototype and MVP (minimum valuable product). All work is performed on the basis of University’s IP and with the participation of University’s research staff. Then all the achievements of the startup are referred to the extensive network of investors associated with the university.

It was especially interesting for us to find out what requirements the University applies to the selected ideas and to get acquainted with the projects in the field of medicine and VR.

Clinical Congress 2016. 18-19 Oct days result.


We put on white smocks with our company’s name and lettering on back “Want to know more about VR in surgery? Ask me!”, and went to the exhibition section.  In two days we communicated with more than 70 surgeons. All respondents were impressed by our developments. They found our idea very interesting. It’s a surprising result, which we did not expect to achieve!

More than 30 specialists have expressed desire to join our startup as first users and help us to develop our product. Now we have a lot of work to establish a knowledge base for our followers.

From all the topics discussed, we have distinguished the most important:

  • The types of surgical procedures, which will be available in the first commercial version,
  • Light (personal) version of the product that will be available for use at home,
  • The types of tools that will be available in the first commercial version of the product,
  • The cost of the commercial and personal version of the product.

It’s a great result of our work on the Clinical Congress!

Clinical Congress 2016. 17 Oct day result.

So, our first day at the 2016 Clinical Congress is over. We saw a lot of interesting things for medical professionals. High level equipment was presented at the exhibition, such as surgical tools, 4K displays and 3D screens, endoscopy devices and machines, electronic health cards etc. Some companies presented products that use Virtual Reality in their work, but they are mainly concentrated on laparoscopy. In our turn we’d like to use Virtual Reality for different kinds of operations. We have all chances to excel!


Among the high-tech companies manufacturers of various hardware and software simulators dominated. The main direction of their development is laparoscopic surgery.


Developments in the field of distant robot control are especially outstanding. These solutions provide an opportunity in the future to carry out transactions without the physical presence of the surgeon in the operating room. Just imagine: the surgeon can be in Washington, but the operation will take place in California! This is a wonderful future!

Unfortunately we could not find full solutions in the field of surgery in virtual reality. We do not know what has caused such a disregard for this promising idea.

Tomorrow we plan to conduct a survey of surgeons’ interest in our start-up. We will show them the video and invite to perform the surgery with our product. Stay tuned!

Clinical Congress 2016

We are going to attend the American Clinical Congress 2016 in Washington DC. 16-20 October we’ll be there to meet you!

We’ll make a presentation of our product and demonstrate how it works. We hope to make acquaintance with some surgeons, surgery residents, medical students, members of surgical teams, and professors of medicine, who will be interested in our product.

We’re looking forward for our trip. See you soon!

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